Product Manager - Developer Ecosystem

Job description

We’re creating the future of work right here in St. Louis - and we need top-notch product managers to drive Jane forward. Interested? Read on. is one of the fastest growing startups in St. Louis, creating an AI-powered platform that makes all of a company's information accessible in the simplest way possible — through natural language. After an inaugural period honing our product-market fit, confirming market response with signed contracts, and securing funding with an $8.4M Series A raise, we're transitioning into delivery mode to deliver a supremely well-crafted product to our clients. We need someone who can own an area of Jane’s development, driving projects from soup to nuts, making key tradeoffs between user experience, technology and business to deliver top-quality features that our customers will love.

The product

Jane is an AI-powered SaaS platform for business that makes company information accessible through a conversational interface. Users interact with Jane via their existing messaging interfaces such as Slack, SMS, or email, and they ask their inquiries using conversational English. On the back end, Jane can connect to cloud-based applications such as Salesforce, JIRA or Gmail, and she can mine the information out of text-based archives such as documents and websites. If a user asks Jane a question she doesn't know, she routes it to a CoPilot — a "human in the loop" who works at the company and provides a response to the inquiry. No matter where the information lives, Jane can get to it.


The role

As a part of our vision, we want to open Jane’s skills up to a much wider spectrum of knowledge, much more quickly - which is why we’re creating a developer platform. We want developers to create new app integrations, database connectors, skills and tools we’ve not even dreamed of, and we're looking for an experienced, technical, visionary product manager to join the team and drive this critical area forward. In this role, you’ll work incredibly closely with our engineering team to set the roadmap for this critical area, define APIs and SDKs, and guide projects and features from conception to launch. You’ll also work closely with the rest of our product and design teams to inform new feature area priorities, as well as take existing features and make them extensible. As a developer yourself, you know what other developers would want out of a platform, and can help create sample code, documentation, and educational materials to help others build successfully on Jane’s platform. Over time, your role will grow into one of leading a small team to accomplish this.

The work includes:

  • Setting a roadmap for our developer ecosystem - features, documentation, advocacy, and whatever else is needed to create a successful ecosystem.

  • Working with engineering to define APIs and other interfaces, getting them launched and tested.

  • Working with developers to identify new needs and test new features.

  • Documenting APIs, creating sample code, packaging SDKs.

  • Working with the rest of the product and design teams to get end-to-end developer-focused features defined and delivered.

  • Launching developer features on a regular basis.

  • Advocating for new features with developers in via webinars, support, blog posts, and more.

The team team members enjoy the opportunity and benefits of working at an early-stage artificial intelligence startup, but with leaders who’ve worked at places like Google (the head of the product and design team),, Oracle, Boeing, and many more world-class companies. The culture at encourages innovation, independent problem solving, and collaboration as we continue to mature our product in the ever-changing world of AI.

We have:

  • Respect for each other and our clients

  • Employer-paid health care

  • Stock options

  • Casual and diverse workplace

  • Free snacks at the office

  • Unlimited vacation time

You are:

  • Motivated first and foremost by doing great work.

  • Passionate about finding the right balance of user experience, business, and technology.

  • Ever the pragmatic optimist.

  • Energized to join a startup, not a 9-5 job.

  • Personable, professional, collaborative, and assertive.

  • Very organized, but adaptive.

  • Focused on Getting. Things. Done.

You have:

  • Proven work experience as a software developer, with a strong inclination toward product strategy.

  • Excellent organization and time management skills.

  • Ability to create great documentation and advocate to developers.

  • Communication and team management skills.

Extra awesome:

  • You’ve built enterprise SaaS software as a coder.

  • You’ve worked with machine learning technology.

Come prepared to demonstrate your initiative, intuition and results from whatever you’ve been working on in the past. Tell us what inspires you. Show us what you’ve been up to and we will do the same!

Define API, iron out inputs/outputs, sample app, documentation - first line support/advocate - developing roadmap.